The Legs



The dimensions for the legs are a bit tricky.  Depending on how tall/deep your box is, you’ll have to adjust the size of the posts that you use for the legs.  The target is to get the playing surface itself to be 30″ from the floor.  To do this, I had to draw a diagram and do some back calculations considering all the structures underneath the playing surface.

Dimensions- Overhead

Dimensiosn- Side View








Putting together the Legs

Once the measurements are worked out, the legs are pretty straightforward.  After cutting them to size, I sanded down the ends with a heavy grade sand paper to get them as flat as possible.

I then screwed the leg posts into 3/4″ x 5″ pine boards that I cut to the same width as the box.  I used a lot of screws to do this and had to redo a couple where the leg posts came out slightly uneven.

I then installed the height adjusters on the bottom end of each post, by drilling a hole for the little plastic insert.  You may have to use a hammer to tap the plastic inserts into the pre-drilled hole.  Don’t follow what I did in the picture below and hammer the whole piece in.  Unscrew the metal leg from the plastic insert, and just hammer the insert into the wood.  If you hammer the whole thing in, the height adjustment can get screwed up.

Drilling holes for the height adjusters

Hammering the height adjusters in- the wrong way

Leg assemblies complete







Once the sub-assemblies were done, I screwed them into the bottom of the box…  pretty straightforward.  After they were attached, I didn’t feel like they were well supported, so I went back and added a cross beam to each sub-assembly.  I also added some small metal brackets where the posts meet the pine boards.

Legs attached- prior to adding cross-beams and brackets

Another angle







Pictures after additional supports added (I’ll try and add some more pictures to show the brackets):

Cross-beams added

Another angle showing cross-beams

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